About Us

Better Earth exists because we love making the community more beautiful and we feel strongly that the tasks and projects in the landscape industry should be completed with the highest level of excellence and with reliability that our customers can bank on every single time. We strive to offer premium service and creative solutions in a way that makes our customers lives more enjoyable and leaves their world better than it was when they found us.

Better Earth was founded in 2015 by this dynamic duo:

Josh Henley

Josh Henley

Josh currently works as an engineer at Lockheed Martin handling America’s greatest military secrets and solving our most complex missile-related problems. When he isn’t intimidating circuit boards into functioning properly using his superior intellect and relentless charm, he serves as a consultant for Better Earth and aids in making decisions that help make us a more awesome company.

Jared Brodsky

Jared Brodsky

Jared currently serves as the main man at Better Earth – designing landscapes, overseeing quality, managing the team, and handling the day-to-day challenges by making them bow to his unrivaled optimism and awe-inspiring creativity. He is also a certified inefficiency sniper – always lurking around every corner waiting for an inefficiency to rear its ugly head. Then…POW! God bless America.

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Our Locations:

We offer landscaping & lawn maintenance in…

  • Rainbow Springs

  • Inverness

  • Citrus Hills

  • Terra Vista

  • Pine Ridge

  • & Citrus County

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